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La Coupe du monde FIS de ski de vitesse
The FIS Speed Skiing World Cup 

The compétition will be held on one of the greatest sites on earth for speed skiing, the Chabrieres piste with an impressive 98% steepness at the top of the slope! Nearly a wallThe piste has a potencial to bring to reality this ultimate dream of the speed. The fastest skiers in the world will meet in vars – the planetary spot of the speed- from 24 to 26 january. With their 2m40 long skis, their profiled helmet ,their skin-tight racing suits, their silhouetted sticks and their boot fairings attached to their calves the competitors seem to come from another planet. Extraordinary athletes with a futuristic look : the state of war is declared between them and the air friction to gain in aerodynamism. Speed skiing is the only sport in which you can reach some peaks above 200km/h, without any motor nor pollution.This is the most natural form of competition : a steep slope, a pair of skis and a good amount of self-control.



Projected Schedule

Vendredi 24 janvier 2014: Friday 24th January:
15h-19h: Accueil des coureurs et remise des dossards
Welcoming meeting of the racers and Bib draw

Samedi 25 janvier 2014: Saturday 25th January:
9h30 : Entrainement officiel / Official training
10h30 : 1er run de course / 1st race run
11h30 : 2ème run de course / 2nd race run

Dimanche 26 janvier 2014 : Sunday 26th January:
9h30 : 3ème run de course / 3rd race run 10h30: Demi-finale / Semi-Finals
11h30 : Finale / Finals 
13h00 : Podium de la Coupe du Monde de ski de vitesse 2014 / Victory Ceremonies


Altitude de départ: 2715 m
Start altitude: 2715 m 
Altitude d’arrivée: 2220 m
Finish altitude: 2220 m
Longueur: 1 220 m 
Dénivelé: 495 m
Difference in height 495 m
Pente maximum 98 %
Pente moyenne: 52.5 % 
Average steepness 52.5 %
1991: 1er run sur la mythique piste de Chabrières